• Special effects like Multi Images, Sand filters, Soft Filters, Diffusion, Two Field Lenses are creative tools among photographic enthusiastic hobbyist and learning students.

  • It splits light into spectrum & creates a very beautiful star or Rainbow effect. The effect color achieved is noticeable & add a dramatic scene to a photograph.

  • The Ozure Neutral Density Filters. The purpose of these filter is to allow the photographer greater flexibility to change the aperture or exposure time, allowing for more control, particularly in extreme circumstances.

  • The Ozure Polarizing filters are available in many versions & categorized into linear polarizing filters, Circular polarizing filters & Variant Neutral Density Filters. It cut glare and extra reflection from a shinny object.

  • Ozure Macro Lens Kits - It consist of four close up lenses namely close up lens +1, close u p lens +2, close up lens +4 & close up lens macro of different power lens.

  • It consist of Thirteen different camera filters + Stack Caps + Branded Storage Pouch - Consists of MCUV, ND Filter, Sepia filter, Green Filter, Blue Filter, Yellow Filter, Soft filter, Diffusion Filter, Macro Lens, Veri Cross Screen, Double Exposer attachment, Rainbow 8x filter, Multi Image 5F

  • Ozure offer camera straps in different materials like cotton, nylon, velvet etc.

  • Ozure PU Leather Soft Camera Hand Grip Wrist Strap for Canon Nikon Sony SLR DSLR (Black)

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