Ozure 23 Filters Kit (62mm)Ozure 23 Filters Kit (62mm)

Ozure 23 Filters Kit (62mm)

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Set Of 23 Different Camera Filters + Filter Stack Cap Black anodized Aluminum Housing Combination of most 23 popular filters Branded Storage Pouch
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62mm The combination of 23 Filters are based on interviews to end users. Hobbiest, student & even professional photographers wish to use these filter once to see its vividity and combination with modern day photography. These filters were very popular in 90's - some are still in great demand. It consist of 23 different camera filters namely, MCUV Filter,Duto Filter,Sepia Filter,N.D Filter, Soft Filter,Red Filter, Yellow Filter,Blue Filter, Orange Filter, Green Filter,Sand Filter,Diffuser Filter,Softone Filter,Close-up+1,Close-up+ 2,Close-up+ 4,Macro Lens,Veri-Cross Filter,Rainbow 8x Filter,Two Filed Filter, CPL Filter,Multi-3F Filter, Multi-5F Filter,+ stack cap + storage pouch.


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