Ozure lens caps plastics

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Ozure offers different types of lens caps in plastic namely push in type, clip in type, snap on type, center pinch.

  • Ozure For Sony Replacement Lens Cap
  • Material,ABS Grade Plastic
  • Will Fit To All Brand Camera Lenses & Accessories

Keep your lens safe from unwanted dust and scratches using this high-quality lens cap.

Q) What is Lens Cap?
Ans) The front element of a lens is made up of delicate glass lens that can be easily get a scratch. A lens cap is made up of plastic, rubber or metal used to protect the front element of lens from scratches, dent, accidental collisions, etc. - thus it help to retain the camera lens original quality for a prolonged period. It is recommended to put the lens cap on while not using the camera.
Q) What types of camera Lens Covers are available
Ans) Snap on types, Screw In Type, Clip On type, push on type, in built were in fashion. Currently center pintch (clip on type) - is in fashion. All major camera manufacturer include lens cap as a vital accessory along with their product.
Q) What are filter threads?
Ans) Thread Per Inch (TPI) and diameter in Mili meter is a parameter - in photography industry - Camera Manufacture often offer different sizes of diameter & TPI to adopt various filter and other accessories that may be a vital tool of a photographer. The general sizes are 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 72mm, 77mm & 82mm with 32 TPI and thread pitch of 0.75, while some special thread sizes are also there. If you need a particular size lens cap - must check its lens thread - that will be your correct lens cap size.

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